10 Greek Souvenirs To Buy On Holiday

Greece has you captivated in so many ways. Whether your soaking up the sun on one of Greece’s famous beaches or exploring the city and remnants of Greece’s ancient past, you’ll certainly enjoy your experience of exploring Hellas. During your travels you may like to pick up some Greek souvenirs to take home.  Here are the top 10 gifts Hippie Fish recommends.

Olive Oil

Even though you can buy Greek olive oil at home, it simply doesn’t taste the same! Olive oil that you buy in Greece, especially if you buy fresh from the farm, or its a gift from the family olive grove, it is much fresher than the stuff you can buy at home. When shopping for olive oil, you’ll want to find the freshest source that you can. It’s also helpful if you buy it in cans made from aluminum, which is more easily transported than the glass olive oil bottles. Depending on how your traveling, check your allowances for liquids as this should be packed in your luggage. You can always decant into glass bottles when you arrive home. Store in a cool dark place.

Evil Eyes 

Blue glass Greek Evil Eyes or ‘mati’ are given to bless loved ones and to bring good luck and also give protection from a malicious glare of jealousy or envy. They are perfect gifts for house warming parties, baptisms, weddings, events, students on their travels to uni or a new office. A great gift for a sailing voyage. Bon Voyage.


Ornaments, figurines, pottery, serving dishes and decorative plates. You can’t go more than a few paces without coming across Greek souvenirs or  that you simply can’t resist.  Even the museums in central Athens like the Benaki Museum, have a wonderful gift shop with famous busts and statues, art, cards and much more to choose from.  Hippie Fish has a small selection of handmade pottery with unique hand painted decor. 

Worry Beads

Greek Worry Beads
Greek worry beads or ‘Komboloi’ come in different shapes, sizes and price ranges. There are specialist shops in Athens just selling Komboloi which are a great experience to visit. Some are made using semi precious stones, rocks or the simple resin beads with charms and Evil Eye beads. Many Greeks use the worry beads to help relieve stress and they also make Greek souvenirs, coffee table ornaments and wall hangings.  


Wine tasting on your trip is highly recommended. Wine has been made in Greece for over 6500 years! That means that Greek wine makers are part of a long-standing, ancient tradition. As a result, the wines they produce are of the highest quality and are definitely worth bringing back with you or ordering them to be sent to your home. Red, White, Rose, Sweet wines and fortified wines like Port are all made in Greece. The best way to buy the wine is straight from the vineyard after doing a tasting, or asking at a restaurant which wine you’re drinking so you can be sure to bring home something you’ll truly enjoy. Wines are made all over mainland Greece so worth planning your trip around these and also on the islands. Some of the famous brands are available at the airport.

Herbs and Spices

If you have a chance to visit a traditional Greek market, like the central market in Athens, you’ll find vendors selling beautiful, aromatic dried herbs, spices, teas and many more items with lots of health benefits. You’ll see long queues outside these tiny shops with locals waiting to buy their weekly herbs. Some of the medicinal herbs and now available in pharmacies, health food shops and some supermarkets. For instance, you can purchase Nettle Tea bags! Even though Greek cuisine is often exotically spiced, and features spices that aren’t easily found in some countries. Saffron, for example, is used in Greek cuisine but is fairly expensive outside Greece so buy in Greece and use it in your cooking when you get home! Souvlaki mix is a popular choice or the mix for adding to a Greek Salad.  Spices such as mastic and mahleb (the spice used in Greek Easter bread) are also used in Greek cooking and are nearly impossible to find outside of Greece, unless you visit a specialty shop or order them online. Save yourself the hassle by bringing some home as a souvenir!

Baskets & Home Decor

You can see baskets and home decor of all shapes and designs hanging outside shops in Athens and the islands also have vendors selling baskets made in traditional designs. The baskets are unique to a style either from mainland Greece or an island. Tinos Island for example makes traditional tall baskets for olive picking or fruits. They make wonderful Greek souvenirs or home decor items to remember your trip for many years to come.

Raffia Hats 

Pink Raffia Hat with Fringe

Sun hats are recommended in Greece. Whether your in a City, small town or at the beach. During the summer months the sun is so strong its highly advisable to cover up with sun screen and a hat. Unisex hats are available in most boutiques in Greece. Hippie Fish can send your order to your location in Greece by courier. http://www.hippiefishbeachart.com 

Greek souvenirs Jewelry

Jewelry shops abound in Greece and buying some jewelry is a time-honored tradition for tourists. Search the shops for unique finds and there is a vast selection to choose from with new Greek designers and concept stores. You will see Greek jewelry with the classic Greek key pattern, a Mati, eye jewelry which is considered a good luck charm, and Hippie Fish has a good selection, please see Jewelry on our website.


Special Greek souvenirs to bring home from your trip are the traditional liqueurs. Some local finds like Cretan Raki, Limoncelo, Ouzo and many others come in tiny bottles so are easy to pack. Once you do find something you like, you should take a bottle home to enjoy well after your trip is over.
If you are yet to visit Greece you now have a good idea of the wonderful souvenirs you can find. Or even easier, just visit our website to shop like you are visiting a boutique or gift shop in Greece.