driftwood beach
Hippie Fish brings you fresh, fun, coastal art, fashion accessories and gifts from Greece.
Embark on an enchanting journey of bohemian-inspired beach art with Hippie Fish, where every piece captures the vibrant spirit of the Greek Islands and the free-spirited lifestyle.

Here’s how the story goes……

Many years after beach combing in Greece I had collected a variety of interesting items. It made sense to start creating coastal art, wall hangings and various projects with driftwood, sea glass, shells, ropes and other odd items washed up on the shore. A creative passion began and Hippie Fish Beach Art was born! 

Along with coastal art we love raffia and created a collection of handmade straw hats and bags made from sustainably sourced raffia. The jewelry, gift ideas and ceramics have all been created with love and enjoyment. It’s an incredible journey discovering new crafts and a great pleasure when a customer purchases a piece that has taken hours or weeks to make and writes a fabulous review!

Creating handcrafted pieces made using natural and sustainable materials is a passion and I could not imagine life without Hippie Fish!

Two things you didn’t know about me:

1. My inspiration is color. I love color and the simple beauty of Greece and its special light. A feeling of endless summer, the blue skies and turquoise waters. 

2. I’m an animal lover and help the local stray cats and dogs. 

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Hippie Fish