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Nature's Art

Natural forms grown by the sea, uniquely shaped by nature and re created into romantic objects to adorn your home.  

Our driftwood treasure is responsibly gathered from beaches in Attica, the blue coast in mainland Greece.  After the driftwood is cleaned, dried and sorted we are ready to create beautifully designed and unique art.  Before mounting the driftwood we paint the backing wood using chalk paint and finish the edges with sisal or jute rope.

We offer artisan driftwood and crafting pieces for up-cycled art, natural decorations and gifts.  Driftwood fish, hearts, owls, pelicans, nautical items and wall hangings range in size from miniatures to large pieces sometimes embedded with sea glass, shells and other beach treasure.  

We use first class materials and our creations are made to last a lifetime in your home.

Beach House style

There is a universal appeal about beach house interiors – they embody a lifestyle that is all about kicking back, living with nature, and focusing on the view.  Driftwood can create that look, whether that home is on the beach, in a city, or in the suburbs.  Greece has its distinct look and colour palette you can recreate in your favourite place.   Beach house style can be added to every room in the house, from entryways, porches, lounges, kitchens, family rooms, master bedrooms and gardens.  We hope our eco minded driftwood will help you create your look.

Please contact us for an artisan piece.  

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