Evil Eye Cushions For Good Luck!

Evil Eye Cushions For Good Luck!

Remember that feeling of total tranquility when you were drinking your cocktail at a beach bar on Mykonos? Or the sun, warm on your skin while you were tanning on the hotel pool’s lounger? Well, we can take you back to those feelings with our evil eye cushions – for good luck! 

The Evil Eye cushions for good luck are the same meaning as the blue glass evil eyes seen all over Greece. They are given as gifts for good luck and protection. The ‘mati’ is said to stop negative vibes so get ready to transform your favorite place into a relaxing and laid-back place. 

They are the perfect gift for friends and family and will transport everyone to a Greek Island vibe and at the same time bring good luck!

evil eye cushion

The evil eye cushions can be found in beach bars, hotels, yachts and cafes on Greek islands. Displaying the cushions in your favorite place will immediately remind you of Greece.

Every Evil Eye Cushion takes at least 3 days to hand crochet and is made using 100% organic cotton yarn. Our pillows feel extremely soft and luxurious to touch. They are the perfect addition to your interior or outdoor space. 

We have small medium and large sizes to match every place you would like to decorate. If eyes are not your thing we have round cushions too. 

Round Evil Eye Pillow

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