Hippie Fish Hat Size Guide

Hippie Fish Hat Sizes

If your not used to wearing hats but want to try one out then welcome to our hat size guide. Did you know that there are a few things that can get in the way of receiving the perfect fit on the first try?  One is the use of natural materials. Sometimes certain straw hats can be slightly thicker or thinner with each batch of raffia and the weave of the hat, especially by handmade artisans that can use a little bit less or more pressure and the size will be slightly affected.
So hat sizing isn’t an exact science but an accurate measurement of your head is a good start. We pride ourselves on our customer service so we hope that working with us you will find a perfect fit.

 Your hat size

* Use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string.
* Place the tape measure or string on your forehead and measure the circumference about 1/2 inch or 1.5 cm above your ears and your eyebrows about where your hat would sit.
If you have another hat that shows the size, you can use that information instead.  Or measure the outside of the crown of the hat to double check you measured your hat size correctly.
* Check the length of the tape measure or string to determine your size. (if using string, measure against a ruler).
* Use the sizes displayed on the hat product description pages on our website to find your perfect fit.  Each hat may vary 1 cm.  You can also adjust our straw hats by using the raffia tie around the crown.
*If you fall in between sizes, choose the next biggest size and adjust the raffia tie. We do not offer inner size tape but you can add this yourself at home.

What is the average hat size for women?

Women’s hat sizes are fairly standard.  The average women’s head size measures around 57 cm. If you are unsure of your hat size the small/medium hat would be the best starting point. The small/medium hat size is made to fit 57 cm + can be adjusted down to 55 cm.
If you know you have a slightly larger head go with the 59 cm size. As far as Hippie Fish sizing goes this is a medium/large, made to fit a 59 cm head size + then can be adjusted down to 57 cm.
The largest size Hippie Fish offers is a 59 cm, but we are looking at adding larger sizes soon as we have been asked for them.
For women who feel they have a slightly smaller head than normal we recommend messaging us to see what we have available and if its possible that the hat can be sized down to 53 cm. In select styles we offer kids sizing which may be the solution.
Kids (51cm to 53cm)
S/M (55cm to 57cm)
M/L (57cm to 59cm)
XL (59cm to 61cm) – not in stock yet.
We will expand our collection of raffia hats and provide more choice for men too.
Our hats are handmade from organic raffia, sustainably sourced to bring you a beautiful natural hat that will become part of your character and your best friend.