Our Straw Bags – Why Buy One?

Straw bags are an essential Spring and Summer item! 

Straw bags come in many shapes, sizes and raffia materials and they are all sustainably made using organic raffia.  Hippie Fish has an interesting variety of structured, soft, large, small, casual, and mini versions of straw bags to choose from in amazing colors.
Hippie Fish Straw Bags

Straw handbag cross body bag

A straw bag added to your wardrobe is such a versatile accessory and can be carried to a wedding, the beach, pool, market, or out to dinner in the spring and summer months.
It’s great to go with jeans, shorts or dresses and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  Every bag is unique and creates a certain style, for instance the relaxed raffia shoulder bag goes well with jeans and shorts or for a more classic look try one of our straw clutch bags or sisal beach totes.
But all in all, Hippie Fish bags can be styled to suit most people’s fashion style.
The handbag selection ranges from crochet straw clutches to the structured rectangular handbag in 3 sizes with round bamboo handles, which is a stunning handbag and quite unique.  All of our straw bags can be used for everyday, work or holiday needs.
Straw bags have been around a long time and were a huge trend back in 2020 and seems this will continue well into 2022 or beyond as natural products are in great demand and here to stay, so stay on trend with an item that really does not go out of fashion. They are a classic wardrobe staple.

Caring for Straw Bags

Straw bags should be cleaned very carefully, by spot cleaning with a damp cloth. They should never be fully submerged in water, as raffia is a natural material which can easily be damaged.  It is not waterproof, it can also catch fire just in case you didn’t know!  It is a beautiful natural fiber we love.
Each item a customer purchases is usually the start of a ‘bag love’ relationship with their raffia collection and they join the Hippie Fish Tribe and become returning customers we take care of and appreciate.
Hippie Fish offers regular discounts of 20% and more and for loyal customers we will give surprise gifts with their order.  If you would like to find out more or follow us please visit our instagram page @hippiefishbeachart
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We always have straw hats and bags ready to purchase all year round for our customers from all over the world that include travelers, bloggers, fashion lovers and bag lovers!

Safe Travels 🧿