Hippie Fish Sustainable Sun Hats

Organic RaffiaHippie Fish Sustainable Sun Hats

Most of us have worn a hat at some point. At a wedding, school, on a winter walk, or, perhaps more importantly, when we have relaxed on a beach!

Our raffia sun hats are natural, come in many designs, they feel great and have the subtle sweet aroma of straw!

Hippie Fish Sustainable Sun Hats

Hippie Fish sun hats are made from sustainable, organic raffia and come in various designs to satisfy our customers. Our crochet raffia bags are available to mix and match with the crochet hats.

We have stayed true to the roots of raffia sun hats, as all of our hats are handmade. This commitment to source our products ethically is helping us bring much needed employment to people producing the raffia.

The initial wearing of sun hats was made for sun protection. Anyone who has ever worked outside can understand. Of course, hats then became status symbols for the rich and famous. Over the years, the protective quality of sun hats have linked closely to fashion trends.

Our sun hats come in wide brimmed, short or medium brim styles. The straw hat is now a ‘must have’ beach accessory. This statement piece is as important as your sunglasses and swimsuit. Our fringe sun hat designs are a favorite choice and our raffia covered hat are designs that bloggers love to be seen in when taking photos.

Next time you choose a new hat, or dust off an old favorite, think about how, despite all of the years of hat wearing and fashion, the original concept lives on – it protects you from the elements, it protects your skin, and it is your key beach or everyday fashion item!

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