Greece – Holiday Dreaming

Holiday Dreaming? You must be thinking of Greece?

Close your eyes and imagine. White sand beaches? Crystal clear seas in every shade of blue? Brightly painted boats bobbing in the colorful harbor? Ancient fishermen mending nets? Still Holiday Dreaming?

Holiday dearming

We bet you are! And you could also add in whitewashed stone houses, an al fresco refreshment, even the odd portly pelican patrolling the cobbled streets.

However, there is one aspect of holidaying in Greece that may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but something that is difficult to resist.

Local shops in every village!

Like every pastime in Greece, such as drinking coffee, looking at the view, and chatting to the locals, shopping is done with leisurely use of time. When the sun is sure to shine tomorrow, why rush?

Browse at your own pace. Accept a glass of water and perhaps a sweet treat from the patient owner. Put on your choice of hat. Look in the mirror and wait for the compliments!

Greek fashion is the most natural in the world, with local raw materials the base of all design. Raffia hats, cotton and linen kaftans and pareos, leather sandals and pretty jewelry will not only bring back lovely memories, but your bank balance will not be broken!

Bargains to be had on every corner, fantastic quality and colors at every turn, fabrics that invite your touch, jewelry that reaches for your wrist.

Take your time, check every item in the crowded window, look in every corner for that little gift idea that gladdens your heart and soul.

If you are looking for high end gifts, or a special treat for yourself, then there are those aplenty, but the same temptation also applies for those little trinkets and earrings that sparkle and dance in the sun.

Touch that loose, flowing dress on the driftwood rail as the fabric swirls and sways in the warm breeze. Imagine it draping your suntanned body. Take it into the shop and try it on. It will be perfect, of course, and a memory to evoke a holiday never to be forgotten.

You’re Never Left Disappointed in Greece

The choices never disappoint, and the prices always delight. Bargains and style at every turn, how can you refuse?

If it happens to be a holiday at home this year, then those seaside island styles can still be enjoyed, and delivered to your door in days.

Hippie Fish Beach Art offers you natural products responsibly sourced and handmade in the most beautiful country on earth.

Greece – Holiday Dreaming a country of lands and islands of beauty and nature.