How to Easily Pack a Straw Hat

Tips & Tricks to Easily Pack A Straw Hat

It’s far easier to wear, than it is to pack a straw hat when you travel, however we realize that there may be times when you need to pack your straw hat in your luggage.
Here are our tips & tricks to easily pack a straw hat.
* Roll or fold a sturdy clothing item (underwear, socks, tops) and stuff them into the crown of your hat to support it.
* Lay the hat flat on the bottom of your suitcase right side up.
* Start packing around it so nothing sits on top of the crown.
* If that doesn’t work for you, carry your hat onto the plane and place it flat on top of your suitcase in the overhead compartment for safe travels.
* Hats like our crochet french style classics or bucket hats are designed to be folded and packed away in your backpack or tote.

Other helpful travel tips:

* You might find that your hats will benefit from a light steaming once you unpack them. This will help ease out any creases or bends.
* Don’t pack anything near your hat that might leak or strong colors that could run if wet.
* Don’t pack you straw hat if it’s wet or damp. Let it fully dry before packing away in your suitcase.
* If your destination is humid and your hat is damaged in shape from traveling  – place your hat outside + let it reshape.
* If your destination isn’t humid and your hat has lost its shape from traveling – turn the shower on as hot as possible and let the steam from the shower reshape your hat.

How to Reshape a Squashed Straw Hat

Straw hats or sun hats may accidentally be squashed for whatever reason. The post office also treats some boxes badly so they can arrive slightly squashed. We pad the crown and box our hats so hopefully its very rare that a hat arrives in this condition.
When it comes to Hippie Fish hats you can refresh your straw hat. Simply steam all over working with the brim of the hat and working your way around. Shape as you steam, then lay it flat either stacked within other hats or using books or weights to dry back into shape.
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