Greek Month of March Bracelets

Kalo Mina!

Good Month of March Bracelets.

The traditional Greek Month of March Bracelets are worn from March 1st. It is an old Greek tradition, especially for children to wear a “Marti” or also known as “Martakia” or March bracelet made of twisted red and white thread.
The red symbolizes rosy cheeks and the white a fair complexion.  Some believe the white means purity and the red represents life and passion. Greeks of all ages wear the bracelet for the entire month of March and are a popular item to buy and to give as gifts to friends.
The Greek Martis bracelets are said to have their origins from the Eleusinian Mysteries where priestesses tied a thread around their right hand during services.  But like any custom that has its roots in thousands of years in antiquity, the Martaki have evolved over time, as well as throughout regions of Greece.
According to some traditions, people remove the bracelets on the Saturday of Lazarus. In other places they are removed on Holy Saturday and tossed into the fires where the effigy of Judas is burned. In rural villages, when the bracelets are removed, they are hung on fruit trees, passing on the positive energy and good luck to the crop and for the birds to use for building their nests after removing the beads and charms, of course.


Greece During Spring

If you are in Greece during Spring you will notice many people wearing their pretty Greek Martis bracelets. There are many handmade designs from a simple cotton thread on its own to more elaborate macrame cords with eye charms and other metal or plastic charms saying ‘hello spring or ‘Martis’!