Hippie Fish Organic Raffia – Sustainable Hats

Organic RaffiaHippie Fish Straw Hats

Most of us have worn a hat at some point in our lives, at a wedding, at school, on a winter walk, or, perhaps more importantly, when we have relaxed on a beach!

Our real raffia hats are natural, come in many designs, they feel great and have the subtle sweet aroma of straw!

When did you last see the Royals at a formal occasion without wearing a hat?

The Emperor of Japan will never be seen at a state function without the obligatory top hat not because of the weather, but as a sign of status.  In other words, you cannot beat a hat if you want to make a statement!

Raffia Hats are here to stay!

These days, of course, we are all looking for responsible ways to purchase, be that for ethical reasons or for environmental awareness, and that’s why our straw hats, which of  course, are primarily designed to protect us from the elements, are sustainable hats made from woven dried palm grasses such as raffia or straw. These materials, with their ancient heritage live on in today’s high summer fashion accessories and beachwear.

Hippie Fish hats are made from sustainable, organic raffia and come in various shapes and sizes with designs to suit all tastes and to satisfy the most discerning of our customers. Our straw bags are also available to go with your hat.

We have stayed true to the roots of straw hats, as all of our hats are handmade, just as they have been made for hundreds of years. This commitment to source our products ethically is helping us bring much needed employment to people from a country far away. 

Let’s remind ourselves, the initial wearing of hats, of any style, was made for sun protection, as everyone who has ever worked outside can understand. Of course, hats then became status symbols for the rich and famous. Over the years, the protective quality of hats have linked closely to fashion, with different styles that have come and gone.  As we see some incredible designs on the catwalks and today’s beachwear would not be complete without a hat that says something about the wearer.

Straw hats can be wide brimmed, short brimmed, flat topped or tall, a straw hat is a ‘must have’ beach accessory.  This statement piece is as important as your sunglasses and swimsuit. Our Porcupine Hat design with long raffia fringe and our raffia covered hat are two designs that bloggers love to wear. They can often be seen in great photos of their travels!

So, next time you choose a new hat, or dust off an old favorite, think about how, despite all of the years of hat wearing and fashion, the original concept lives on – it protects you from the elements, it protects your skin, and it is your key beach or everyday fashion item!