Driftwood Christmas Tree


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Driftwood Christmas Tree.

Beach vibe home decor! Driftwood mounted and assembled to form a tree ready for you to decorate.



Driftwood Christmas Tree

This driftwood Christmas tree is mounted on a wonderful piece of driftwood and has thick driftwood branches assembled to form a tree ready for you to carefully move the branches as you like and decorate.

The best pieces of driftwood are cleaned and layer upon layer of different driftwood is chosen, sorted and placed to make the trees and some extra special pieces for the top. We never cut the driftwood. This tree is set on a large light piece of driftwood, medium sized and ideal for all sorts of places like window ledge, desk, counter, table, office, classroom.

Driftwood Christmas Tree
Height 12″ x 9″ wide
Height 30 cm x 23 cm wide


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