The Best Raffia Sun Hats!

Hats are seriously popular and Hippie Fish has some cool designs for you at great prices with Free Shipping! We have some of the best raffia sun hats out there!

Once you find a hat style for your summer escape you can start to go ahead and match the rest of your holiday wardrobe ready for your travels! Most stylists would recommend 2 hats for a trip! One travel hat and one wide brim sun hat.

Usually two hats can cover most needs for travel and beach to walking around site seeing. If your looking to make a dramatic entrance we recommend the large flexible brim Mimosa hat in 2 brim sizes and many colors or if you are just a beach babe the long fringe hat in black or natural which has a wow factor and is fun!

For something more practical the raffia crochet hats are classics and so adaptable to dress up or down. 

The Explorer is altogether the perfect hat for sightseeing with character and has the handy tie! Great if you are going hiking.

All of our designs are perfect for the spring and summer months. Come festival or beach break this is the best investment for balmy summer days. 

The Explorer

The Explorer hat offers sun protection with style and has a lace tie to keep the hat in place for wearing in a breeze or enjoying activities like walking, gardening, bike riding, hiking, moped.

Ladies Sun Hat

For the sun lovers who still like protection we have this hat in two wide brim sizes, the large brim and super large brim. This hat is one of our bestsellers and a good all round sun hat. It is lightweight and easy to wear with the adjustable tie on the crown you can also make this tighter easily. Made from organic raffia with a frayed edge or fringe, for fun styling! It is a stunning designer hat and comfortable to wear in high temperatures as the raffia is not thick and not too hot to wear like a lot of hats can be. This hat suits most face shapes.

Woven Edge Hat

If you love pretty hats, look no further! This hat is a beautiful design with a cute decorative cut out design to the edge. Made from organic raffia and has an adjustable tie to fit you perfectly. Our pretty hat looks fabulous with a floral dress, beachwear and creates a wow factor. Also available in fuchsia pink. This hat suits most face shapes.

The Crochet Hat

Whether you are out and about doing your jobs, shopping, a busy mum or travelling you need a hat that does not get destroyed easily on the go, on a car seat, easy to pack and flexible without ruining the hat’s shape. So, our crochet straw hat is a perfect option for you. Whether you are simply waiting to board an aircraft or hiking in the mountains, this hat is great. Designed with a flexible upturn brim which you can adjust to suit any direction with more cover as you wish. We can also add the lace cord upon request. Great for shopping and busy mum’s too! This hat suits most face shapes. Also available in a smaller brim design.

Raffia Covered Sun Hat

We can honestly say that the wide brim raffia covered sun hat is a popular choice with the real beach hippie’s out there. This is a popular sun hat and has become a bestseller because its so unusual. It is completely covered in organic raffia and looks stunning, a great way to get into the beach vibe. Good sun protection is offered with this hat. Please check your size carefully as there is no size adjustment for this design. We can add a lace tie if desired. For home decor, this hat and the Sun Hat look great hung on the wall in a random design. Unisex design that suits everyone!

Mimosa Hat

Our Mimosa sun hats brings a touch of glam to any outfit. It has a very wide and fully flexible brim you can have so much fun adjusting it to suit your style. This hat is great when lying on the beach or a lounger as you can move the brim down at the back and pull the front brim over your face or side to side for full sun protection in any direction! A gorgeous hat made from organic palm leaves and soft to touch. Returns to its original shape. Suits most face shapes. Black, natural and more colors available.

Long Fringe Hat

Our hippie chic Porcupine Hat is stunning. It is a medium wide brim straw hat covered with a raffia fringe in layers. Great for the beach or for events, festivals and exploring. A great head turner and will bring lots of compliments. Made from organic raffia. Please check your size as this is not adjustable.  Unisex design.
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