Top Tips For Styling Sun Hats

Sun hats are a popular trend this Summer! It’s time to show off your style and try our fabulous top tips for styling sun hats this season! 

Hats Make a Statement!

The hat is a powerful statement detail that instantly makes any outfit look more interesting and gives a positive vibe. Whether its a hat for a wedding for a sun hat the positive image is created.


The biggest misconception about sun hats is that only certain people can look good, but this could not be further from the truth! In our Top Tips For Styling Sun Hats we share with you exactly what you will need to style your sun hats and look elegant this summer.

There has been so much interest in our fun sun hat designs. Our handcrafted crochet raffia hats are very popular and especially our unique wide brim straw hats like the Mimosa. The wilder the design the better!

Here are our Tips to Styling Sun Hats:

1. Your new hat should sit squarely on your head and cover most of your forehead. To place the hat correctly on the middle of your forehead first and then back over the top of your head is key and elegant.

2. Select hats that could be worn with many of your outfits in spring and summer from a classic panama to a wide brim raffia hat. The classic styles are timeless for a reason and will never go out of fashion. Keep accessories to a minimum when wearing a hat as less really is more and the hat will be the focal point.

3. Hat hairstyles make an impact on the look you create: from sexy long and loose sea salt waves with a wide brim hat, to your natural hair texture with a low ponytail or even a loose braid to match your outfit.

The greatest tip to successfully rock any hat is to be confident in your style. Especially when just wearing a swimsuit and hat together! Our fringe raffia hat is the perfect statement hat for this and is loved all around the world.

Check our selection of raffia hats, and bags we are sure to have something to suit all tastes! Between our raffia crochet hats with a beautiful fringe, our palm straw hats, or our stylish classic French market hats, you will definitely find many hats perfect for you!

We are here to help if you need advice or simply cannot choose and would like to chat. Contact us by email or message on our Instagram account and we will reply quickly.

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