Crochet Evil Eye Gift


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Crochet Evil Eye Gift

The evil eye is a well known Mediterranean tradition to bring you good luck and protect from an envious gaze.


Crochet Evil Eye Gift

Crochet Evil Eye Gift. A great gift for baby, baptism or child’s nursery gift. Our crochet evil eye is admired for it’s wow factor and is a fun addition to a designer home, bar, club, spa, hotel, yacht or anywhere you need some Greek home decor and evil eye good luck for everyone to enjoy, or remind you of your Greek island vacation!


Dark grey. white, blue, black pupil.

Organic cotton.

Circle 6” or 15 cm
Length 5.5” or 14 cm

Cool wash, air dry.

An adorable nursery gift, baptism gift, small home decor cushion. Free Shipping.

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