Crochet Eye Pillow


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Crochet Eye Pillow

Our handmade crochet eye pillows bring a relaxed Greek vibe to your home decor and are a perfect gift. Free Shipping.


Crochet Eye Pillow

Our crochet evil eye pillow is admired for it’s wow factor and is a fun addition to a designer home, bar, club, spa, hotel, yacht or anywhere you need some Greek home decor and evil eye good luck for everyone to enjoy, or remind you of your Greek island vacation!


Beige, White, Light Blue and Black
Size approx:
23” x 14”
58 cm x 35 cm

This gorgeous crochet eye pillow with tassels is the perfect statement piece for any home. The pillow has added touches of modern luxury with organic cotton for a supremely soft feel. The finely handcrafted details are inspired by the beauty of the Greek Islands and the evil eye theme. It features a captivating combination of beige, light blue, white, and a black pupil. This cushion is our most popular design and a unique piece of home decor that will instantly add good luck vibes to your space.

The crochet pillow is perfect as an accent piece. Place it on a chair or sofa, or add to your bedding space for coziness and comfort. You’ll love the luxurious feel of our organic cotton yarn. This piece of art as a cushion is sure to become an essential part of your home decor.

Price per pillow reflects quality of materials used and postage is Free.
If an item is sold please message to order. Custom order your own design colors by messaging us.
Get yours today and enjoy the unique beauty of our most popular design!

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