Terracotta Bowl


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Terracotta Bowl

Green artisan pottery bowl, snack bowl, dip bowl, rustic ceramic bowl, earthenware bowl for storage or display.


Terracotta Bowl

An artisan pottery bowl made from terracotta clay and fired at a traditional rustic pottery in Greece. Hand thrown and accented with dark green glaze this earthenware terracotta bowl is a gorgeous decorative piece when not in use.

Perfect storage dish for many things or valuable keepsakes that will look adorable stored in this Greek pottery bowl!

This natural glazed terracotta pottery bowl will hold your special treasures or can simply be left on its own to add a fun flare to any surface.

9 x 9 wide
4 cm tall
Dark Green Glaze
Each dish is gift wrapped
As with all handcrafted pieces there may be some tiny imperfections.
A hand written gift message can be included, please leave a note at check out.

A pinch of this and a dash of that, these adorable mini bowls are perfect for ingredients, spices, and much more!
– Amuse Bouche
– Dip Bowl
– Trinket Dish
– Rings Dish
– Jewelry Holder
– Bath Salts Container
– Tea Light Holder
– Mes en Place
– Tasting Ceremony/ Wedding Ceremony
– Food Styling / Photography
– Pill Dish
– Tea Bag Holder
– Charcuterie Board Accessory
– Snack Bowl
– Spice Bowl
– For Facial Products
– Soy Sauce Dish
– Food/water dish for small pets
– Gift Idea
– Add your idea to the list!

Artisan pottery, Snack bowl, Dip bowl, Rustic Ceramic bowl, Clay bowl, Earthenware bowl.

About our Pottery:
I visit a rustic local pottery in Attica, Greece for lessons, glazing techniques and firing.

If you would like to order items in sets please message me, I’m happy to help with a custom order for you.

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